There are two categories for participating in Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) as a Partner and as a Supporter. Partners of Operation Clean Sweep are companies that manufacture or handle plastic resin pellets. OCS Partners implement good housekeeping and pellet containment practices to work towards achieving zero pellet loss, protecting the environment and saving valuable resources.

As Operation Clean Sweep continues to grow, it has decided to introduce the Supporter category to allow organizations to participate that do not qualify for partnership. Supporters play an invaluable role in helping OCS realize its goal of zero pellet loss.

Supporters include:

  • For-profit or non-profit companies,
  • Incorporated trade associations, and
  • Unincorporated coalitions.

The Supporters’ role includes:

  • Encouraging other companies, associations and coalitions to participate in OCS;
  • Educating customers, suppliers and member companies about OCS; and
  • Providing information to third party media outlets about the work OCS does around pellet loss prevention.


RSI Leasing, Inc.

Sasol to become first African raw material supplier signatory of Operation Clean Sweep

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Explore our manual

One of the greatest benefits was that most of what we did was easy and inexpensive to implement. Now our shop is cleaner, safer and more efficient.