Use this OCS video as a tool when implementing the program and educating staff about it.

We have provided a number of checklists to assist you in implementing Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS). The checklists are divided into two categories: Management and Employee. The checklists have been created so they are customizable for your company. For example, you can insert your company logo and specific process steps may be added or removed to reflect those involved in a particular operation. These enhancements will make it easy to create and copy forms that have the greatest value for your company.

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Worldwide plastics makers are committed to working on the problem of ocean litter. We support efforts to reduce waste, increase recycling and litter prevention programs, and foster regional and global partnerships. This site is dedicated to providing the latest and most substantive information available on the causes and sources of marine debris, and most importantly, to showing you what we’re doing to help find solutions.

This site gathers information on the different kinds of plastics, their use in packaging, and their role in the environment. There’s already lots of information available on these topics – this site brings it together in one place to make it easier to explore, research, and learn.

Plastics are responsible for countless facets of the modern life we enjoy today. From health and well-being, nutrition, shelter and transportation to safety and security, communication, sports, leisure activities and innovations of industry – plastics deliver bountiful benefits to our world. is an easy to use resource on plastics recycling for recycling professionals, including user-friendly tips and tools, best practices, ready access to experts and peers in the recycling world, and more.


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Explore our manual
Explore our manual

Employees basically want to do the right thing and making it easy for them to accomplish the goals ensures the success of the program.