Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) blue Membership is open to any company that is a pledged OCS member directly involved in the use or handling of plastic resin pellets, flakes or powder and which fulfills the additional requirements set forth herein.

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Ensure all your company’s resin handling facilities are listed and signed onto the OCS program

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To add additional facilities, please complete this form and submit to:

Identify the total number of employees working in the company’s resin handling facilities that are listed and signed into the OCS program. (This number can be the total amount of all the facilities combined and doesn’t have to be broken down into the different facilities.)

Identify an OCS champion for each facility and share contact details of these staff members. For most companies, the OCS champion will be the facility/plant manager. These champions will be the recipients of the biannual OCS newsletter and other updates to the program. (One person can be listed for a region or a group of facilities, or alternatively multiple people can be listed)

If you wish to register more than one person as an OCS champion, please complete this form and email directly though to


By becoming an OCS blue Member, my organization commits to fulfill the following activities:

  • Plan and deliver a briefing on OCS annually to all relevant resin handling employees. (This can be in person, in documentation or electronically. This can also be achieved by directing staff to join one of the OCS meetings or webinars, dates of which will be communicated with the OCS champions.)
  • Provide education on the OCS program as part of your company’s new employee onboarding
  • Display the OCS plaque, certificate and posters to reinforce the company’s OCS commitment among its employees and business partners
  • Review facility housekeeping procedures, with OCS checklists and tools being used as a resource
  • Educate your shipping contractors to help them understand the importance of OCS, sharing the OCS transportation brochure
  • Annually share with PLASTICS information on your company’s best management practices (BMPs) for implementation of its OCS blue Membership commitments. This information will be used in OCS literature and on the OCS website. (There is no prescribed method of reporting, but all listed OCS champions will be contacted to obtain some information/ content for your company’s website profile and Plastics News recognition. Companies do not need to develop new BMPs each year, but rather confirm or update BMPs provided to PLASTICS.)
  • Participate in an OCS event. Event to be an OCS best practices gathering and will be when the company is formally recognized as an OCS Blue Member. (Attendee should be an OCS champion and or corporate representative)


To achieve OCS blue Membership, companies must share a minimum of one of the following reporting metrics. It is anticipated that metric data provided in this developmental stage will collected for 2 to 3 years, aggregated and will be subject to member’s prior approval before public release. PLASTICS and ACC will apply internal procedures to help maintain the confidentiality of individual data submissions.

Metrics – OCS blue Members will submit data to PLASTICS and ACC regarding the following:

Amount of resin pellets shipped / received from each facility handling resin pellets

Data submitted to state regulatory agencies on the amount of pellets lost to the environment due to an accidental release

Amount of material recovered within a facility handling resin pellets that is recycled


By signing and submitting this application, I confirm that to the best of my knowledge, the information being provided is accurate and that I am authorized to make the aforementioned commitments on behalf of the entire company.

Application form completed and submitted by:

If you have any questions about the OCS Blue Membership application process, please contact Elle Brumley


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