Container Trucks

  • Shipping
    • Sweep or vacuum any loose pellets in the truck/container.
    • Carefully inspect empty trailers for damaged interior walls or defective floors that can tear bags. Consider refusing to use such containers or cover problem areas with corrugated liner board.
    • Block and brace outbound loads to avoid broken bags in transit.
  • Receiving
    • Inspect truck and rail shipments containing palletized bags of pellets and document the condition of bags and pallets received. If the shipment is significantly damaged, notify the transporter and manufacturer. Consider refusing to accept delivery.

Hopper Cars and Trucks – Repairs

  • Work in a paved area to facilitate containment and cleanup.
  • Properly contain, handle or recycle small quantities of residual pellets. If larger quantities are involved, contact the shipper.

Transport Accidents

  • Contact the shipper for assistance/advice if a derailment or highway accident results in a spill of resin pellets.

Operation Clean Sweep Program Manual

Procedures | Pellet Transport and PackagingSpills and PackagingOther Transport Vehicle ConcernsMarine TransportWaste Recycling and Disposal | Plastic Dust to Powder


RSI Leasing, Inc.

Sasol to become first African raw material supplier signatory of Operation Clean Sweep

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Explore our manual
Explore our manual

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