Marine transport of pellets requires special attention due to the high potential for release into the environment. Because of the close proximity to water, loose pellets in and around waterfront warehouses, docks, ocean-going containers and on ships themselves must receive extra attention.

Anyone handling pellets directly or managing their shipment must be well-informed about the importance of spill prevention, the need for prompt cleanup and proper disposal practices.

  • Do NOT sweep pellets into the water.
  • Properly contain and handle any pellets from previous shipments when cleaning ship holds or ocean containers.
  • Keep ocean containers in good repair – eliminate protrusions that could tear bags and boxes.
  • Avoid stowing resin containers on deck. Place resin containers in ship holds.
  • Do NOT jettison containers of resin.

Operation Clean Sweep Program Manual

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Sasol to become first African raw material supplier signatory of Operation Clean Sweep

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Explore our manual

Litter is not an issue of type of debris, but one of personal responsibility. We ALL share in the responsibility to prevent litter – stopping debris before it reaches our stormwater drains where it can drift to our oceans. Protect our oceans and we protect ourselves.