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The Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) program and manual contain guidelines to help plastics industry operations managers reduce the accidental loss of pellets, flakes, and powder from the processing facility into the environment. Globally, the goal of zero pellet, flake and powder loss has been included in the “Declaration of Solutions for Marine Litter” to help industry’s role in addressing marine litter. We encourage companies to join other similar companies globally by signing the Declaration and by adopting the OCS program.

Each procedure contained herein may or may not be applicable to your specific operation. Manual users are free to implement the sections and steps that help achieve their company’s specific goals. None of the guidelines is intended as a mandate. Compliance with state and local regulations is mandatory. These guidelines may help you to achieve compliance and avoid penalties.

There are many ways to work toward zero pellet, flake, and powder loss.

The OCS materials are designed to provide maximum utility for all types of plastic handling and transporting operations. The online checklists have been created to facilitate customization for your company. For example, each checklist may incorporate a unique company logo and specific process steps may be added or removed to reflect those involved in a particular operation. These enhancements will make it easy to create and copy forms that have the greatest value for your company.

Operation Clean Sweep Program Manual


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Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) and The Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) wish to thank all of the individuals, companies, government agencies and related industry associations (too numerous to name) who participated in the development and review of this manual.


Questions about or suggestions to improve the OCS program or materials may be submitted online, directed to ACC ( at 202-249-6626 or PLASTICS at 202-974-5200.


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Explore our manual

Employees basically want to do the right thing and making it easy for them to accomplish the goals ensures the success of the program.