Ensure employees are aware of and accountable for pellet loss prevention, containment, cleanup and disposal. Establish written procedures. (The procedures and checklists in this manual may be modified to suit your needs. They are available in the Checklists section of this website).

Make certain the procedures are easily available.

Conduct regular employee training and awareness campaigns on the Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) program.

  • Explain the impact of pellet loss on the environment and the company.
  • Make spill prevention, cleanup and containment a company philosophy and priority.
  • Promote that philosophy daily.
  • Assign specific employees the responsibility to monitor and manage pellet containment. If it gets assigned as a regular part of employee jobs, it gets done.
  • Consider hiring a full-time housekeeping/warehouse sweeper, if appropriate. Having one person assigned this job improves the efficiency of other workers.
  • Stress the importance of immediate cleanup of any spills by the person associated with the spill.
  • Review current procedures and identify whether there has been a history of problems in a certain area.
  • Reaffirm existing, or develop new, procedures.
  • Use workplace reminders such as stickers, posters, etc.
  • Encourage teamwork and employee feedback.
  • Conduct regular inspections of the entire facility to assure compliance with OCS principles.
  • Reward and/or recognize milestones and significant achievements of the crew or crews that achieve designated goals of the pellet loss prevention program.

Operation Clean Sweep Program Manual


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Explore our manual

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