The Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) program and manual contain guidelines to help plastics industry operations managers reduce the loss of resin pellets, flakes, and powder to the environment. Each procedure may or may not be applicable to your specific operation. You are encouraged to implement the sections and steps that help achieve your company’s specific goals. None of the guidelines are intended as a mandate. Compliance with state and local regulations is mandatory. These guidelines may help you to achieve compliance and avoid penalties. There are many ways to work towards zero pellet, flake, and powder loss.

Globally, abatement of pellet, flake, and powder loss has been included as a significant component in the Declaration of Solutions for Marine Litter to help industry’s role in addressing marine litter. We encourage companies to join other similar companies globally by signing the Declaration and by adopting the OCS program.

Operation Clean Sweep Program Manual


RSI Leasing, Inc.

Sasol to become first African raw material supplier signatory of Operation Clean Sweep

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Explore our manual

Litter is not an issue of type of debris, but one of personal responsibility. We ALL share in the responsibility to prevent litter – stopping debris before it reaches our stormwater drains where it can drift to our oceans. Protect our oceans and we protect ourselves.