Any company that manages plastic resin in the US can take the OCS Pledge and on-board their facilities to Operation Clean Sweep, becoming an OCS member.

To take the OCS Pledge and become an OCS member, please email for the application.

In return, your company will receive a certificate for each facility participating in the program, which can be displayed to celebrate your company’s commitment to zero plastic resin loss. In addition, your company’s name and facility location (city, state unless otherwise requested) will be added to the list of OCS Partners on the Operation Clean Sweep website. Listed OCS members may be used in publicity for the program.


























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    RSI Leasing, Inc.

    Sasol to become first African raw material supplier signatory of Operation Clean Sweep

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    Explore our manual
    Explore our manual

    One of the greatest benefits was that most of what we did was easy and inexpensive to implement. Now our shop is cleaner, safer and more efficient.