The Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) represents leading manufacturers of plastic resins. Our members create the versatile plastics which enable innovations that help make life better, healthier and safer every day. From the field or factory to the front door, plastics make possible the latest innovations in sustainable packaging design. Plastics often enable companies to ship more products with less packaging material. Plastic packaging extends freshness, minimizes spoilage and breakage, saves energy, and reduces waste.

ACC’s Plastics Division, working with PlasticsEurope, launched the “Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter” in 2011 to help the global industry come together to recover plastics so that litter does not threaten our natural environment. That Declaration, announced at the 5th International Marine Debris Conference, describes steps that signatories will take, and suggests approaches for global cooperation and future partnerships. Preventing pellet, flake, and powder loss is a significant part of the Declaration, and Operation Clean Sweep® is the primary vehicle to help make a positive difference in reducing marine debris.

Marine litter is a global problem, and it requires global solutions…We are pleased to come together with plastics organizations from around the world to leverage current programs and to generate the creative spark that launches innovative solutions.

Steve Russell, Vice President of Plastics for ACC


RSI Leasing, Inc.

Sasol to become first African raw material supplier signatory of Operation Clean Sweep

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Explore our manual

Litter is not an issue of type of debris, but one of personal responsibility. We ALL share in the responsibility to prevent litter – stopping debris before it reaches our stormwater drains where it can drift to our oceans. Protect our oceans and we protect ourselves.